18th May 2021 –

Walkers on a 143-mile "pilgrimage" route from Glasgow to southern Scotland are set for an accommodation upgrade.

A £2.6m funding package has been completed to transform Whithorn’s former New Town Hall into a community hub and bunkhouse with 3b starting on site this month.

Its 16 beds will mainly be used by travellers on the Whithorn Way which visits a range of religious sites.

Julia Muir Watt of All Roads Lead to Whithorn said it was hoped it could help revive the town.

“I think we are just aiming to create a complete change in the direction that Whithorn has been headed which, for several hundred years, you could say has been downward,” she said.

“This is to create that social and economic change, it is a trigger for other investors.”

The town hall redevelopment will be completed by autumn next year and will include a gym and sports facilities and a learning hub as well as the accommodation.

It is hoped that it can attract people to stop off on their way along the Whithorn Way. The route starts at Glasgow Cathedral before heading to other religious sites including Paisley Abbey, Glenluce Abbey and Whithorn Priory. It continues on past Whithorn and passes St Ninian’s Cave and St Ninian’s Chapel before ending near the harbourside village of Isle of Whithorn.

Designers: ARPL
Timescale: Due for completion in 2022