14th January 2019

Highland Cinema in Fort William

3b Construction have been awarded the contract for the New Highland Cinema project. The Cinema in Fort William will be built on the former site of the Town Hall which was destroyed by fire back in the 1970s.

Skye-based Dualchas Architects have designed the cinema which will be open in the summer of 2020 and create 10 new jobs.

The project is championed by Highlands business man and investor Angus MacDonald.

Mr MacDonald said he hoped the cinema would offer people somewhere to go in “dark evenings and rainy days”.

Mr MacDonald added: “The wetter the better from a cinema’s perspective.”

3b Construction will work closely with the Client to ensure ‘The Highland Cinema’ is delivered for best value commercially yet meet the design theme and inspiration of the classic highland village buildings. Using 3b Construction’s tested off site manufacturing strategy and in house logistics, the project will be delivered causing minimum disruption to the environment and to the people of Fort William.

Progress Update

The town centre in Fort William is buzzing with 3b Construction workers as a plan to raze the former Cameron Centre in Cameron Square to the ground gets underway.

3b Construction has taken over part of the Viewforth car park for its office space and yard during the demolition and construction phase.

Cinema developer and businessman Angus MacDonald, (pictured above) said: “We hope to be building by April.
He continued: “Preparation for demolition work started last week with our contractor 3b Construction from Ayrshire.

“Last weekend we had all hands on deck helping us clear out the old cinema – two auditoriums worth of old dusty seats and many long forgotten sweet wrappers.

3b Project manager Mark Little said: “This will be a slow and safe demolition. All the machinery is due on site shortly and over the next few weeks the building will be removed from the site.”