Coo Palace Ahead of Schedule

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In January 3b construction started work on site. This was planned to be a two-year contract but we are now reasonably confident that the 26 new cottages, apartments, the leisure centre and indoor swimming pool will be available for occupancy in autumn 2019. However, it is still early days and so they will not accept any bookings until this autumn at the earliest. There are not many “undiscovered” corners of the United Kingdom, but it would appear that Galloway is one. This site will certainly appeal to those who love the great outdoors. It has been cleverly designed by JMP Architects of Lancaster who were also responsible for Lodge Yard, Henllys, Merlewood and, most recently Lucker Hall. Virtually every property will have an uninterrupted southerly view over the Solway Firth towards the Isle of Man. The nearest village of note is Gatehouse of Fleet which has a luxury hotel with a golf course, pubs and shops. Borgue which is three miles from the site only has a small hotel and restaurant. The site is too small to sustain an onsite restaurant but there will be a very small shop for emergency supplies. We are confi dent this will be another fabulous and popular HPB site. With some sunny weather and a lot of hard work, progress at Coo Palace is really coming along.

The Property Development Co-ordinator David Bullock, who has been keeping up with the contractors on site, says the team is currently working ahead of schedule and if all continues to go to plan, we’re looking at a completion date towards the middle of next year. Coo Palace, located on the coast road overlooking Castle Haven Bay in Galloway, is in a stunning position with views of the Solway Firth stretching out before it. Being listed as a Grade A building by Historic Scotland, as much of the original structure as possible will be preserved during the construction project; the 3b team are restoring the existing dairy and stables, as well as constructing new buildings. Once transformed, the eight-acre site will have a total of 26 units including a property that incorporates parts of the original tower. A range of property sizes will be available; mostly one- and two-bed properties, with a couple of three-bed units. There will be a separate leisure building on site that will have a swimming pool, a club room and a little shop. The builders are currently working on a row of six properties that will lie, half submerged, right at the front of the site. These will have glass fronts, providing exquisite, uninterrupted views right out to sea, possibly as far as the Isle of Man.