20th May 2021 –

Our earthworks team are busy making use of the sunshine excavating out the side of a hillside for the construction of a new Energy Centre.

This £5m investment in a state of the art renewable energy facility will provide a sustainable solution to heating a multitude of buildings, including a hotel, through its lifespan via a network of district heating pipes. Buried into the hillside it will also be completely recessive in the landscape it sits in when completed.

The facility has been designed around our DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) strategy utilising, offsite manufactured, precast concrete components for the main structural elements. We will also assemble Mechanical and Electrical equipment off site and lift it in to final positions to reduce on site interfaces, testing and commissioning.

Designers: GRAS Architects and David Narro Associates
Timescale: Due for completion 2022